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You can upload the following: Council Tax bill, utility bill or tenancy agreement.

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I hereby apply for a parking permit and declare that the information provided is accurate and true. I understand that the permit remains the property of Wolverhampton City Council and that replacements will be charged for. I understand that permits are not transferable and the facility may be withdrawn if the permit is found to have been misused. I furthermore undertake not to park in such a way as to obstruct pedestrian routes, the highway or any residential or business premises and understand that doing so may lead to the withdrawal of my permit.

Business declaration

Permits issued to businesses which are within the boundaries of the Match Day Parking Controlled Zone, must only be used for the effective operation of that particular business. The regulations do not allow for any Business Permit to be used by anybody other than by the business concerned. The business owner/manager who is responsible for the delegation of use of the Business Permits should also complete and sign the additional Declaration by Business Applicants below. Addition Declaration by BUSINESS Applicants I confirm that the Business Permit(s) for which I have applied will only be used by occupants employed by this company/business solely in conjunction with the effective operation of this business.