The Commonwealth Games Time Trial event is taking place in Wolverhampton on Thursday 4th August 2022 starting / finishing at West Park.

Residents and Businesses located around West Park will be sent two Local Access Parking Permits (LAPP’s) to enable them to access and park on roads that are going to be closed or restricted whilst the Time Trial Event is taking place on Thursday 4th August. If you require additional permits, you can apply for these below. The map in the 'Downloads' section shows the properties that are included in LAPP area and the restrictions for each zone.

This application form is for households / businesses that require more than the 2 LAPP permits that have already been posted to your address 

  • This application form should be completed by the person who is living at or is the person responsible for the address stated on this form. 
  • The additional LAPP is only valid on the dates stated in the Terms and Conditions on the reverse of your original LAPP issued to your address.
  • Your LAPP must be displayed inside the front windscreen of your vehicle and visible from the front nearside of the vehicle.
  • LAPPs must not be photocopied, reproduced or amended otherwise a penalty charge notice may be served.
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Your details


Customer name


Customer address


Proof of address

For all LAPP applications, please enclose a photocopy of proof of residency for the address detailed above, this can be in the form of one of the following;
  • Utility Bill (gas, electric, water, Council Tax etc.)
  • Tenancy Agreement / Mortgage Statement
  • Motor insurance policy dated within the last three months
  • Valid driving licence


A “Local Access Parking Permit” (LAPP) means a Waiver / Dispensation issued by the Council and used in accordance with the terms and conditions stated on the issued LAPP;

The LAPP allows access to specified roads that have been temporarily signed with this sign, erected as part of the temporary traffic arrangements for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games    

Residents parking their vehicles using a LAPP can park where these signs are erected. However, you should only park as you would normally when the temporary restrictions are not in place. Access should not be blocked and must be maintained for emergency vehicles and other vehicles requiring access.
A LAPP does not guarantee the holder a parking space

The Council may suspend or cancel a LAPP if they have reason to believe that it is being misused.
  1. I certify that I live at the declared address and wish to apply for a LAPP as described above.
  2. I understand that the permit must NOT be photocopied/reproduced or amended, otherwise the permit will be revoked.
  3. I understand that the information supplied by me on this form will not be disclosed to any other party save those responsible for enforcement of the restrictions.
  4. I understand and will abide by the terms and conditions covering the issue and use of the LAPP.

To deliver our services we need to collect, store, use, share and dispose of personal information. This is known as data processing. The information collected when you apply for a LAPP will be used by the Council to process your application as we have an obligation under the law to maintain and manage roads.

Contact details:
Any enquires relating solely to the West Park Local Access Parking Permit scheme please email  

For all other enquiries regarding the Commonwealth Games Time Trail Event taking place in Wolverhampton please visit alternatively, email: or telephone 01902 551155