Purple bins - part of City of Wolverhampton Council's new garden waste collection service - are so popular that in just 4 months 20,000 bins have been sold, and the manufacturer can't make them quick enough.

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment at City of Wolverhampton Council, said: "The new garden waste collection service is proving very popular with residents, so much so, that we are now waiting on the manufacturer to get the bins to us as quick as they can. All our processes are in place, we just need them to do their bit - make the bins. Because of this, at the moment, signing up for the service is temporarily on hold due to high demand and waiting on manufacturing lead time. But those who'd like to be added to the waiting list can do so at Garden Waste Collection Service."

All orders made before and up to 27 January have been delivered in time for the start of the collection service. Orders made after 27 January and up until 15 February will be delivered within 28 working days, which includes the 14 day cooling off period, as part of the service's terms and conditions.

First collections start Monday 18 February or Monday 25 February, depending on the week your recycling bin collection falls on. The service is every 2 weeks and is collected on the same day as the black recycling bin.

Residents were informed about the new service in October 2018, when the change from weekly to fortnightly collections were introduced in the city. At that time, people were given the option of signing up to the new service.

Councillor Evans continued: "Around 20% of residents who had access to the free garden waste service have taken up the new paid for service, and we haven't even officially launched it yet. It's amazing. And it's not just about the convenience of the collection service, it's also about residents doing their bit for recycling. As garden waste collected is recycled at Veolia composting facility at Coven.

"To be clear, the new paid for service is not mandatory. Residents do not have to sign up to this service. But rather than remove the service completely, we thought it would be better to give people the option, so they can decide. Those who prefer not to use the service can consider home composting or taking their garden waste to the local tip for free."

Famous faces who've signed up to the service are Signal Radio presenter Dicky Dodd and BBC Midlands Today reporter Ben Godfrey.

Payment for the service can be done online by credit or debit card. Or for residents who have no form of payment other than cash, a one off cash payment can be done by visiting Customer Services at the Council's Civic Centre. This arrangement has been created specifically for people who have no other option but to make a payment in this way.

The service runs annually and costs £35 a year with concessions of £17.50 for those who qualify.