Pupils at Rakegate Primary School are among the first in Wolverhampton to have become Flu Fighters after receiving their free influenza vaccinations last week.

This year, all children from Reception to Year 9 are eligible for the vaccination, which is safe, effective and delivered via a nasal spray, not a needle. Vaccinations will be given by nurses from Vaccination UK in school, starting with primary aged children first.

Schools are providing information about the vaccine to families of eligible children now, and parents and guardians are asked to give consent online to ensure their child doesn't miss out. Consent forms are available at Vaccination UK, and must be completed at least 48 hours before vaccinations are due to be given in school.

Vaccination UK nurses were at Rakegate Primary School in Oxley on Friday (14 October 2022), and Headteacher Sarah Horton said: "As a school we are supporting the child flu vaccination programme, and feel it is important that as many children receive this as possible.

"The flu vaccine will help to reduce the risk of our children getting or spreading flu to friends and family who are at greater risk, for example, grandparents or people with underlying health conditions. It will also help prevent our children becoming unwell with flu and needing time off school, causing disruption to their learning."

Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: "I was delighted to be able to join the children at Rakegate Primary School as they received their vaccinations on Friday.

"Flu can be deadly and easily spread by children and adults, and the free vaccine is the best way to protect our children and other family members.

"Vaccinations are continuing in schools throughout Wolverhampton over the next couple of months, and I would encourage parents and guardians to complete their consent form as soon as possible, so their children – like those at Rakegate – can become Flu Fighters this autumn."

Children aged 2 and 3, and children with some long term health conditions, are also eligible for the nasal spray, with their vaccinations given at their local GP surgery.

The vaccination is available by injection if parents do not wish their child to have the nasal spray, or if children are unable to have it for medical reasons, for instance if they have a supressed immune system or severe egg allergy.

To find out more about the flu vaccine for children, read the answers to frequently asked questions and to download free copies of the 4 exciting Flu Fighters stories for children, Flu Fighters Versus Chilly, Achy and Snotty, Flu Fighters in The Battle of Planet Bogey, Flu Fighters in Close Encounters of the Germed Kind and Flu Fighters on a Vacc-tastic Voyage, please visit Flu Vaccines.