Wolverhampton residents and workers are reminded of the need to continue to follow hands, face and space guidance, and have routine coronavirus tests, even after they have been vaccinated.

With the vaccination programme continuing at pace, Wolverhampton’s Director of Public Health has called up on everyone living and or working in the city to continue to adhere to guidelines and restrictions and continue routine testing even if they have had their vaccine, in order to keep themselves and others safe from virus. 

The Covid-19 vaccine reduces the chance of people suffering from severe illness if they get Covid-19. However, some people may still get Covid-19 despite having the vaccine, but the severity of any infection should be much less.

John Denley, Director of Public Health in Wolverhampton, said: “Vaccination is going well, but we cannot get complacent or let our guards down; people who have had their vaccine may still carry coronavirus and unintentionally pass it on to friends, family or work colleagues, so it is crucial that we continue to follow all measures to control the spread of the virus.

“We must all continue to follow the latest advice and guidance about regular hand washing, wearing a face covering, maintaining social distancing and only going out if essential. If you are clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) and have been told to shield, please continue to do so. 

“People should still self-isolate if they have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 symptoms or have tested positive, even if they have had the vaccine themselves. It is also vital that people continue to take the opportunity to get regular tests.

“Routine testing means we can monitor the spread of the disease and spot any new variants before they become more prevalent in our communities. This is particularly important in workplaces but matters in the wider community too; if people aren’t getting tested, we cannot identify new outbreaks or patterns so we must all play our part.” 

Rapid testing for people without symptoms is available without appointment at sites around Wolverhampton and is also being carried out in workplaces, schools and care homes. For more information about coronavirus testing in the city, visit Coronavirus Testing.

People with symptoms of Covid-19, which include a fever, a new continuous cough or a change to the sense of taste or smell, are reminded they must immediately self-isolate and book a PCR test by visiting GOV.UK or calling 119.

Latest figures show there were 193 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in Wolverhampton over the 7 days to 16 February. That means 508 people in the city tested positive for the virus in that 7 day period – though the true number of new cases will likely be considerably higher.

The latest information and guidance around coronavirus is available at GOV.UK and on the council’s own coronavirus pages. Further details of the lockdown restrictions currently in place, and the answers to frequently asked questions, are available at Covid Alert. Information about the vaccine can be found at Covid-19 Vaccine. More information about testing is available at Coronavirus Testing