The Good Night Project launched just 2 months ago in Wolverhampton has had a great response from the public, but there is still much to do to beat bed poverty in the city.

The City of Wolverhampton Council with partners The Wolves Foundation and African Caribbean Community Initiative (ACCI) were overwhelmed by the initial response at the end of March and the project was kept very busy collecting beds kindly donated by the public.

Sixty five beds of various types have now been donated to date, with most of these being made in the first fortnight after launch. To date 200 applications have been received though for beds, including 15 requests specially for bunkbeds, so demand is still high. 

Many people who require beds also need bedding, but the project is not able to accept used bedding or mattresses.

Philip Dixon, of ACCI said:

‘The response from the public has been amazing and I want to thank everyone who has donated so far, either in the form of a bed, bedding or money.

‘Such was the response that it did take some time initially to collect all the donations. There’s ongoing need in the city though, so we’d be grateful if people could continue to think of us if they’re disposing of old beds or have ones they no longer need.

‘There’s real demand for double beds and bunk beds and cots and cot beds are also needed and gratefully received. People can also donate money to ensure all children and parents can get a good night’s sleep in their own bed though our Just Giving page.’

Leader of the council, Councillor Ian Brookfield added his thanks to all those who have generously donated to date.

‘We’re determined with our partners, as one city, to do all we can to help those that need it most through these tough times. And while it saddens me that a project like this is needed, I’m proud of our city that there’s been such a great response.

‘We want to ensure every child and indeed every person in the city, can have a bed to call their own and get a good night’s sleep, which is the basis for good health and the foundation for so many things in life.’

The Wolves Foundation, the official charity of Wolverhampton Wanderers, is the other key partner in the project and is helping to ensure more people in need are reached by referring individuals from across the city and administrating the project.

Tom Warren, Senior Manager for Projects at the Foundation, said:

‘Since the Good Night Project was launched, we have been very busy handling referrals from people seeking support which shows there is a real need for the initiative. 
‘As the official charity of the football club, we see ourselves as being at the centre of the city and are really pleased to have linked up with partner organisations to try and combat bed poverty and ensure everyone has access to a good night’s sleep. 
‘Being part of the Good Night Project is an additional strand to the various support that Wolves Foundation delivers to people across our communities, and we are keen to see the project continue to grow to meet the increasing demand across the city.’

The Just Giving page is still live if you’d like to get involved with £345 donated so far. 

Key facts 

  • The Good Night Project is a community led partnership aiming to reduce bed poverty and ensure everyone in Wolverhampton has a good night’s sleep in a suitable bed.
  • ‘Bed poverty’ is a term used to describe a situation where a person does not have access to a bed and a situation in which a household does not have enough income to afford necessary items.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to health and wellbeing. It is as essential to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health. Sleeping helps to repair and restore our brains, not just our bodies. (Mental 
  • Bed bases, mattresses and bedding are all items that will be given out by the project. Some items will be new, but some will be preloved items, which have been recycled and refurbished by ACCI. 

Find out more, including how to apply and donate, by visiting our website.