Teaching is an exhilarating, challenging and hugely rewarding career. Here in Wolverhampton you will find a warm welcome from schools that understand this and will help you to develop, grow and flourish.

The city’s children are our inspiration. They are talented, welcoming, diverse and love to learn. Wolverhampton schools aim to provide you with the support and guidance that will allow you to bring out the very best in our young people and help them to achievements beyond their imagination

This is an exciting time to be teaching in Wolverhampton, a city where standards are rising in schools that understand the challenges that the early part of a career or a move to a different part of the country can bring. Higher attainment and good pupil progress that have resulted in a transformed performance record recognised in a sharp rise in the number of schools enjoying positive inspection outcomes have been built upon a collaboration between schools, Trusts, Teaching Schools and the City Council to develop a framework of training opportunities that match the needs of teachers at all stages of their career. Our schools have leaders that have successfully grown their own careers, often in the city, and are keen to support and guide you through each stage of your career

Wolverhampton is a city on the move. The City Council’s ambitious plans for regeneration are bringing exciting changes to the City Centre whilst reasonable housing costs make it a good place to start or develop a teaching career. Premier League football, All Weather Horse Racing as well as cinemas, theatre, music and the Arts all feature in the city’s leisure opportunities whilst teaching in Wolverhampton also allows you the benefits of our central location, good transport and easy access to the countryside.

There are multiple routes you can take to become a teacher, and the choice can sometimes feel overwhelming. This page has been created to overcome that and help you compare each route side by side to find out which is right for you, as well as providing a convenient overview of providers of each route in the city.