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Accompanied Viewings

If we offer you a home, you will be able to look around the property during an ‘accompanied viewing’ 

The advert will give you a rough guide about when the property will be ready for letting and viewings usually take place near that date 

Sometimes work is still going on to prepare the home for letting but it will be safe for you to view 

Our lettings officer will contact you as soon as the property is ready to be viewed 

Do not visit any property that we are advertising on your own as there could be someone living there. If you visit a home without permission your bid may be removed 

Group Viewings

Group viewings are organised to speed up the lettings process so new tenants can be identified more quickly 

They are organised once the advertising cycle closes, and bidders are invited to the group viewing so they can look around and see if the property is right for them 

We allocate homes in housing priority order, so the customer with the most priority will be considered first. If they refuse the offer, it will then be offered to the next customer on the list and so on until a new tenant is identified 

You will need to bring IDs with you to a viewing. That is IDs for everyone in your household that is looking to move and proof of where you are living now. You will be told what to bring with you. 

An invitation to a group viewing is not an offer of a property