Information and advice for carers living in Wolverhampton from the Carer Support Team.

Carer Support
During the Coronavirus/Covid-19 lockdown, the Carer Support Team are offering well-being calls. If you would like to talk to someone about your caring role or would like to discuss planning if you or the person you look after becomes unwell, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 01902 553409. The team are also able to link into community support helping carers with barriers around shopping, collecting medication or any other issues around your caring role you may be worried about. Please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 01902 553409.

Information and advice for carers from the Carer Support Team

Carer Support Team

The Carer Support Team offers a range of support for carers of adults living in Wolverhampton.

A Carer is anyone who provides support for a relative, friend or neighbour without payment. The person that you look after may have a mental health need, learning disability, physical and sensory disability or may be an older, vulnerable person.

The Carer Support Team can support you in your caring role by offering the following:

  • Practical information, advice and guidance
  • Carer's Assessment
  • Benefits advice
  • Signposting
  • Emotional support
  • Carers Emergency Card
  • Carer training
  • Carers Cafe at the Lighthouse, Evie's Kitchen, Big Venture Centre
  • Information about Breaks for Carers
  • Short break caravans

What is a Carer's Assessment?
This is an opportunity for you as a carer to talk about your caring role and the impact it has on your life. You will then be able to work through a plan to support you in your caring role.

Personal Budgets
A Carer Personal Budget (also known as a Carer Direct Payment) is a sum of money paid by the council's Adult Social Care department to help a carer to pay for things which will help them in their caring role. It allows a carer to have more control over how they are supported. To get a personal budget you will have to have had a Carer's Assessment and you will need to be eligible. To find out more contact the Carer Support Team. You and the person who completes the assessment with you will create a support plan which will show how your support will be arranged, and how you will spend your personal budget.

Benefits Advice
As a Carer, there may be benefits, such as Carers Allowance to which you are entitled. The person you care for may also be entitled to benefits that you may not be aware of. During your carer's assessment, you will be offered advice and support about the benefits you may be able to claim. You should always get advice when putting in claims as sometimes claiming certain benefits can have an impact on the benefits of the person you care for.  For more information please contact the Carer Support Team.

Carer's Emergency Card
Carers are offered an emergency card once they have had a Carer's Assessment so that if the carer was in an accident or emergency, the card would identify them as a carer and a contingency plan can be put into place.

All Age Carer Strategy
An All Age Carer Strategy has been developed and is available, along with an Executive Summary in the Downloads section of this page.

Information and Advice
The team provides a City Carer magazine and monthly bulletin for carers and also organises activities and information awareness events during Carers Week and Carers Rights Day. More information is available by contacting the team.

Carer Training, Events, and Workshops
The team offers ad hoc Carer Training, for example, First Aid Training and IT sessions. For more information contact the Carer Support Team.

  • Carers Short Break Caravans - see brochure in the Downloads section of this page.

Guidance on how to be a Carer Friendly Employer
Associate Directors of Social Services (ADASS), in association with each of the West Midlands Authorities, have launched guidance on being a Carer Friendly Employer. The guides are in the Downloads section of this page.

  • Carer Friendly Employees Guide: A guide for staff who combine caring with paid employment
  • Carer Friendly Employers Guide: A guide to support your staff who combine caring with paid employment

The guides offer information and support about how organisations can support carers and what employees can expect. There is also a pledge that you can sign up to and display. To become a Carer Friendly Employer and sign up to the pledge, email the Carer Support Team.

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Who to contact

Telephone: 01902 553409

Breaks for carers of adults

Find out about respite services available to carers who want a break from their caring role in the knowledge that their loved ones will continue to be looked after.

Types of care available for your loved ones

Home-based respite

Home-based respite is a carers service which happens in the home. A carer, either from Agincare or employed via Direct Payments stays with the cared for person to enable the carer to have a break from their caring role. Currently, Wolverhampton City Council employs Agincare, to deliver the home-based respite service.

Residential respite 

These breaks are delivered in a residential setting where the cared for person may have regular short stays to give the carer a break. These breaks are subject to a charge to the cared for person calculated under the Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide (CRAG). The Carer Support Team details are published on the Wolverhampton Information Network (WIN) website and a Community Care Assessment will need to be completed.

Continuing Health Care

For more information about Continuing Health Care Funding contact Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group at Wolverhampton Science Park, Technology Centre, Glaisher Drive, Wolverhampton, WV10 9RU. Email or call 01902 444878.

Contact the Carer Support Team

Contact the Carer Support Team to discuss the types of breaks that may be available in your local area. There is currently no charge for carers support services in Wolverhampton. From April 2015 under the Care Act, all carers became entitled to a Carers Assessment.

Find out about the services on offer for carers living in Wolverhampton by contacting the Carer Support Team.

Telephone: 01902 553409