Find out about tree preservation orders or TPOs.

A Tree Preservation Order or 'TPO' is used to protect single trees or groups of trees of importance. Works cannot be done to any tree in the city, subject to a TPO, without prior approval from The City of Wolverhampton Council; this includes cutting or pruning. Unauthorised works to a tree subject of a TPO is a criminal offence.  Action can be taken against a person causing damage to a protected tree and this can result in a substantial fine, and the requirement for a new tree to be planted in its place.

Trees with TPOs can be on private land, council land, or communal land so it is important to check before carrying out any works.

How to find out if a tree is protected?

Any type of tree can be protected. A TPO can protect a single tree, or several trees within a defined area or woodland. Any species of tree can be protected, but no species is automatically protected.

Here you can see a map of our TPOs and Conservation Areas.

Tree Preservation Orders are usually placed on trees under threat or potential threat however if you are unsure, it is always best to contact us.

What action can be taken?

If you do want to carry out any works to a tree with a Tree Preservation Order on it, you will need to contact City of Wolverhampton Council with details of the works. Minor works to protected trees should be justified in the context of the continued survival of the tree. The City Council cannot allow the removal of a tree without full and proper justification, this should be submitted along with any application.

Please note, we are not able to accept the following as justification for works to a protected tree:

  • The tree is blocking sunlight to your property
  • Pollen from the tree is falling on your property
  • The tree looks unsightly
  • Detritus, seeds, leaf or needle drop, pollen from the tree is falling on your property
  • Bird droppings

What to do if you suspect someone is working on a protected tree without authorisation?

If you think that someone is working on a tree with a Tree Preservation Order without permission to do so, please notify the Customer Services Team as soon as possible, on 01902 551155.

If someone deliberately destroys a protected tree, or damages it in a manner likely to destroy it, they could be fined, and in most cases a replacement tree must be planted.

Do I always need permission to work on a protected tree?

You need permission unless:

  • Cutting down or pruning back a tree which is dead, dying or dangerous following consultation with the Planning Team
  • Works are in line with an obligation under an Act of Parliament
  • Permission has been granted through another Planning application.

Always check with the City of Wolverhampton Council before commencing any works.

The tree is in a Conservation Area. Is it protected?

Trees in a conservation area are automatically protected if the tree is 75mm (3 inches) or more in diameter at 1.5m height or more, above ground level. If you'd like to know more about conservation areas please visit our conservation pages.

Contact details

For emergency incidents, such as protected trees which have fallen, dangerous protected trees, or damage caused by trees with a TPO on them, call: 01902 551155

For General TPO Enquiries, please call: 01902 551155

For more information around Tree Preservation Orders, visit Protected trees: A guide to tree preservation procedures - or give us a call on 01902 551155.