Trees absorb pollution and noise from the area around them and make our parks and woodlands a calm oasis to escape the hustle & bustle of modern city life.

The woodlands across Wolverhampton range from small copses to linear belts of larger blocks of woodland.  They add to the diversity of habitat across the city and provide essential food and shelter for a host of birds, invertebrates and mammals; and they support a number of plants that cannot grow elsewhere.

What we do

We aim to promote, maintain and preserve the tree stock for the benefit of the people of Wolverhampton and future generations. The council recognises the importance of woodlands for nature conservation and Parks manage a number of woodlands across the city. 

You can

Visit and enjoy the council's award-winning parks and the many council woodlands that are open to the public.

Sites with woodland walks include:

  • Smestow Valley Local Nature Reserve
  • Northycote Farm and Country Park
  • Pendeford Mill Nature Reserve

Other sites worth a visit include Woodlands Walk, Spring Vale Park and Moseley Meadows (Abbeyfield Parklands). 

How you can help

Please contact us if you see a tree that is dead, has fallen down or if you think it is a danger to the public.

We will inspect the tree, carry out any work needed to make it safe and repair footpaths that have become a trip hazard due to roots.

We will also inspect trees that touch telephone wires, overhang a building, block a street light or obscure a street sign and traffic lights.

We will respond to all council tree enquiries within our service standards.