Grass is cut monthly during the growing season except where it has been designated as part of a nature-friendly zone.

The process

  1. We cut the grass using ride-on mowers or walking mowers. Strimmers follow to cut the edges, around obstacles and areas not cut effectively by the mower
  2. Operatives with blowers then follow to blow the cuttings off the footpaths and footways back onto the grass verge
  3. Grass cuttings are not collected and boxed
  4. There may be a delay between the grass cutting and the follow-up strimmer and blower teams especially when ride-on mowers are used.

Here you can view our grounds maintenance schedule.

Other information to be aware of:

Grassed areas with daffodil beds are cut from June onwards - they are not cut prior to this date because the daffodil leaves need to nourish the bulbs, grassed areas will as a consequence look untidy until the first cut.

Weather conditions and differing soil types have an impact on mowing operations. Wet warm weather not only encourages the grass to grow quickly but also prevents the mowing teams from cutting the grass when the ground is saturated.

Report a missed grass cut

To report grass that has not been cut for over a month contact the Environmental Health team.

Nature-friendly zones

These are designated areas of grass within the city's parks and open spaces which are allowed to grow throughout the spring and summer. This allows some important natural environments to be created for invertebrates, providing them with shelter, and somewhere to hunt, feed and breed.

Buttercups, daisies and clovers are also given more chance to flower and they provide a valuable source of nectar for insects such as bees, hoverflies, butterflies and moths. The zones also provide an important habitat for caterpillars and even grasshoppers which in turn means more food for birds, bats and hedgehogs.

Not only do these nature-friendly zones create a better habitat for wildlife, but by cutting these areas once a year the council has reduced its mowing costs to help make necessary savings.