If you are experiencing problems with rubbish in a neighbours garden, the council may be able to take action to alleviate the problem.

If the rubbish is on Wolverhampton Homes land

Contact Wolverhampton Homes 

If the rubbish is on private land

Wolverhampton Council aims to have issues resolved between parties before formal action is taken. 

Often the quickest way to ensure the rubbish is removed would often be for the customer to speak to the landowner/occupier and to make them aware of the nuisance. If they prefer to drop a note in the letterbox that may also work. 

Please save the example letters to your device to be able to edit them.

First contact letter

If this does not work a more firmer letter may be of use

Second contact letter

If this is not working or the issue presents an imminent public health risk then fill in the form below.

Further information

We offer special collection services for a number of different items of household waste.

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