Here you can find out about environmental reports and costs and management of our landfill and contaminated land sites.

Contaminated land is a major concern for Wolverhampton because of the problems it poses for regeneration, risks to public health and the environment.

Environmental enquiry service - reports and costs

The environmental enquiry service provides detailed environmental information about individual properties or pieces of land.

Report costs

Type of report Price (inc VAT)
Full Contaminated Land Report for Residential Properties £82.00
Three-day expedited service for full-contaminated land report (if available) £110.00
Rates for non-residential, multiple properties or large sites

£82.00 for first hour

£40.00 for every 30 minutes thereafter

What's included in the report

Landfill sites

We hold detailed information on all our former landfill sites within Wolverhampton. Information is available on issues such as:

  • waste types
  • history of the landfill
  • landfill gas production
  • assessment of the potential risk from landfill sites to any property or land

Contaminated land under Part IIa of the Environmental Protection Act 1990

We can tell you if a property or a piece of land is entered on a register of contaminated land under Part IIa of the Act. We are currently undertaking work from within the Contaminated Land Strategy in line with the requirements of Part IIa of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Historical land use

We have historical maps dating from 1884 through to the present day.  These can be studied to determine the former use of the land and identify any potentially contaminative land use such as industrial premises.

Site investigations and remediation

We have information on numerous site investigations and remediation work undertaken in Wolverhampton.

Pollution incidents

We can see from our records any pollution incidents which have occurred at a property or piece of land.

Environmental information reports

Using the information above we provide comprehensive and accurate environmental information reports for properties and land within the city. These can be used by solicitors during property transactions or could be included as additional information in home information packs.

We are able to prepare a report for individual properties or pieces of land, this includes an assessment of the likely risk of contamination to the individual site.

Landfill sites

There are 44 closed landfill sites within the Wolverhampton boundary. We own 27 of these and regularly monitor them for landfill gas generation.

Landfill gas is caused by the decay of waste in the ground and can be an environmental hazard. It consists primarily of methane and carbon dioxide.

We have undertaken a detailed investigation on all former landfill sites that we own. All of the historic landfill sites in Wolverhampton are now classified in terms of risks posed from gas generation and potential movement of gas. Because of this, we carry out monitoring programmes that are site-specific to reflect the amount of gas generation.

Contaminated land in Wolverhampton

So far we have declared 83 properties within the Wolverhampton boundary as contaminated under the provisions of Part IIa of the Environmental Protection Act. There are now 83 sites on our public register of contaminated sites. Please be aware that only the council is authorised to determine if a piece of land within its boundary is contaminated under the terms of Part IIa the Environmental Protection Act 1990. For more information on our Contaminated Land register, you can contact Environmental Health. The Contaminated Land Public Register can be found in the Downloads section.