Residents play a key role in keeping our City clean and tidy. If you spot and fly-tipping, please report this so we can deal with it. You can also find information and contact us about paying a fine.

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of liquid or solid waste on land or in water. The waste is usually dumped to avoid disposal costs.

Shop a Tipper - Report Fly-Tipping

City of Wolverhampton Council has launched a new campaign to encourage residents to report fly-tipping and make tippers pay for their selfish criminal acts.

For more information please read the sections below if you would like to know what to do if you discover fly-tipping or if you witness fly-tipping.

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Shop a tipper
Discovering fly tipping

What to do when discovering fly tipping.

  • Do not touch or disturb the waste and keep animals away from it where possible.
  • From observation only, try to see what the waste consists of, take photographs if possible.
  • Note the exact location of the waste material and its surroundings such as whether or not it is in water or close to drainage.
  • Fly tips often contain evidence that can help identify the culprit and aid in their prosecution. Do not remove any evidence as it could damage any potential prosecution case taken by the council.
Removal of fly tipping

Where the fly tip is located will determine who is responsible for its removal.

When the investigation is completed and any evidence is safely gathered, arrangements are made for removal. If the waste is on highways land or any other land owned by the council, Environmental Services will be contacted for removal. If the waste is on privately owned land the responsibility for removal falls to the land owner/occupier.

If we have evidence of the culprit responsible for the fly tip, then the council will consider taking the matter to prosecution.

Report fly tipping

There are two ways to report fly tipping to us, depending on whether you witness the crime happening or not.

please use one of the buttons below to report it to us

I witnessed the fly-tipping

I did not witness the fly-tipping

Fly-Tipping FPNs and Fines

We issue anyone found Fly-tipping with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

During the Covid pandemic, the only way they can pay is:

  • by bank transfer (BAC)
  • sending in a cheque

This policy will be reviewed in July 2021

Please note:

  • payment must be made in full within 14 days to avoid the possibility of prosecution
  • there is no discount for early payment
  • payment by instalments is not permitted
  • you can not pay online, by phone or via the Civic Centre kiosks

If you don't have a bank or building society account and are unable to open an account, please contact us immediately

Contact Environmental Crimes


How long do I have to pay?

Payment must be made in full within 14 days.

If payment isn't received, you will be sent a reminder within 7 days.

A second reminder will be sent 7 days following this.

If there has still been no payment, the matter will be dealt with through formal prosecution in court.

Appeal an FPN

There are no formal grounds for appeal.

I don't agree that I committed the offence

In this case, the matter will be dealt with through formal prosecution in the court.

They will decide if an offence was committed and whether or not any penalty should be imposed. 

Formal prosecution in court

Courts can impose an unlimited fine for fly-tipping and may also result in a criminal conviction.

Paying the FPN we issue is likely to be substantially lower than any fine imposed by the courts.