If someone lights a bonfire which you feel causes you a problem and/or nuisance, you can report the problem to us.

If your neighbour is lighting bonfires which are causing you a problem, contact them and politely let them know how the bonfire is affecting you. As they may not be aware.

If after informing the matter, the bonfires continue you can report it. The same applies to industrial or trade premises where bonfires are not permitted if they emit dark smoke.

Are there time restrictions on having a bonfire?

There are no time restrictions on bonfires. However, if the bonfire is causing you a nuisance, you can complain and we will investigate if your complaint is legitimate.

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

You must provide your details in order for us to investigate the bonfire. Be assured that your details will not be passed on to the person you are complaining about.

What will the Council do when I complain?

A Council Environmental Health Officer will contact you to find out how the bonfire is affecting you. If the complaint is upheld, they will contact the offender about stopping or reducing the number of bonfires.

What information should I log if the bonfire problem continues?

It is recommended that you log details of each bonfire as it helps us to gather evidence to investigate your complaint. You should keep a record of:

  • where the fire is coming from
  • time the bonfire started and ended
  • whether the smoke is black or white
  • the impact it is having on you

Once you've recorded these details, you can provide them to the Environmental Health Officer when they contact you.

Useful information

Here you can find guidance on holding community bonfires.


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