During most major emergencies and particularly chemical related major emergencies, the initial instructions from the emergency services is for residents in the affected area to go indoors, stay indoors and tune in to news stations.

You should:

  1. Go immediately indoors.
  2. Close all windows.
  3. Avoid cellars and basements.
  4. Stay in a room away from the industrial area.
  5. Tune into the radio.  Regular updates will be given, including the all clear once the emergency is over.

If you are away from your home

Your local emergency responders will have to prioritise those in greatest need during an emergency. During this time, individuals and communities may need to rely on their own resources to ensure they are able to cope.

What can you do to help?

  • make your contribution - share your skills
  • work in partnership with local emergency responders - know what they can do for you and vice versa
  • don't put yourself at risk
  • talk to each other - it's a great way to share helpful information and advice