The council has developed 2 Market Position Statements. One for the care and support market for older adults and one for the care and support market for children and younger adults with disabilities.

What's it all about? 

We have published our Market Position Statements so that the council and care providers can work together on:

  • developing services that enable people to retain and regain their independence
  • pooling and sharing market information 
  • providing transparency about the way the council intends to strategically commission and influence services and how it wishes to extend choice and control to all older people

It is hoped that the information contained within the MPS will allow organisations that deliver care and support services in Wolverhampton to make better long term planning decisions and increase innovations in the market.

The future of adult social care services

Working together with care providers, we want to ensure that:

  • the services we commission meet the needs of the people of Wolverhampton
  • service providers are aware of the current and future plans for social care and health
  • the services we commission are of high quality and are value for money
  • you as providers or potential providers have the tools to make proactive business decisions and take advantage of opportunities presented by the changing landscape of social care and health

Get involved

If you are a care provider and want to work with the council in improving the standard of care provision across Wolverhampton then please get in touch using the contact form below.

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