You need to register the birth of your baby in order to obtain a birth certificate. You must register a birth within 42 days (6 weeks) of the baby being born.

Birth Registration Update

If your baby was born in Wolverhampton you can register the birth at Wolverhampton Register Office. Visit Book a Birth Registration Appointment and fill in the form provided. You will then be contacted to arrange an appointment.

All registrations have to be carried out face to face. Where possible can we ask:

  • Those who wish to appear on the birth certificate be in attendance (if you are married then only one parent needs to attend, if un married the mother must attend and only the partner should attend if they want to appear on the certificate).
  • To not bring your new born(s) or other children unless childcare cannot be organised.
  • To bring your own black pen to sign the certificate.
  • Arrive on time as late arrivals will not be seen and your appointment will need to be re-arranged.

The register office is located at the back of the Civic Centre. 

The Civic Centre remains closed. The team are available for pre-arranged appointments only. Ceremonies, notice of marriage appointments and standard certificate applications continue to be deferred.

Please contact us on 01902 551234 or email

Once you register a birth, you can then use this to claim child benefit and any other family-related benefits.

Please note - Free short birth certificates are no longer issued by the registration office.


Birth certificates are £11.00 and can be pre-paid for at the time of booking. All payments must be by debit or credit card. Please use contactless payments if you can. We are not accepting cash at present.

If details are recorded inaccurately, there is a correction charge of £75 or £90 depending on the error.

Who can register a birth?

Opposite-sex couples

If the baby's mother and father were married to each other at the time of the birth, either parent may register.

If the baby's mother and father were not married to each other at the time of the birth, the mother may register alone, but the fathers' details will only be entered if they attend to register together. By entering the father's details into the registration, equal parental responsibility is automatically granted to the father as well as the mother. 

Same-sex couples

Same-sex couples can become equal legal parents of children that they conceive together. The woman who gives birth to the child (including surrogate mothers) will be shown as the child's mother in the birth register.

Same-sex couples who are married or in a civil partnership and conceive a child through artificial insemination will both automatically be treated as the child's legal parents. In these circumstances, either parent can register the birth.

Same-sex couples who are not married or in a civil partnership at the time of conception, but conceive together through a fertility clinic in the UK, licensed by the human fertilisation and embryology authority may also be treated as legal parents. In these circumstances, the mother may register alone, but the second parents' details can only be entered if they attend to register together.

Where should a birth be registered?

You must register your baby's birth in the district where the baby was born.

If your baby was born within Wolverhampton, you should register the birth at the Register Office:

Register Office,
City of Wolverhampton Council,
Civic Centre St. Peter's Square,

You will need to make an appointment to register with us. Please fill out the form below or call 01902 551234.

Partnership with Staffordshire

We now work in partnership with Staffordshire on birth registrations.

Staffordshire residents, who give birth in Wolverhampton, can register the birth at a local office.

You could still register the birth in Wolverhampton but it is easier to use a local office.

Cannock Register Office,
Council Offices,
Beecroft Road,
WS11 1BG

Tel: 0300 111 8001

Staffordshire Registration Office,
1 Staffordshire Place,
ST16 2DH

What to bring to your appointment

When you attend your appointment you will need to bring your birth notification sheet issued by the hospital or midwife and documentary evidence of the parent's ID if available.

At the appointment the registrar will ask:

  • Questions about the father and the mother's occupation
  • Where they live and their own place of birth
  • If the parents were married to each other at the time of the birth, and if they were, the date of the marriage
  • The number of children the mother has had previously by her present husband/partner or any former husband/partner
  • The date of birth of the parents

In a small number of circumstances, it may be possible to change or add information to a birth registration, for example adding the father's details at a later date. Please see Re-register a birth for further information.

If you are not able to travel to the district where your child was born, you can visit your local register office (see above), to make a birth declaration. The declaration will be sent to the district where your child was born, the register office there will then complete the registration, and send any certificates that are required through the post to you. From the 23rd January 2017, parents who are residents of Staffordshire, and have their baby in Wolverhampton can register their baby at their local office within Staffordshire and will receive their certificates at the appointment. These offices include Wombourne, Codsall, Cannock and Stafford. If you would like to make an appointment to register the birth at your local office in Staffordshire, you can book an appointment online

Book an appointment

To book an appointment, please call us on 01902 551234 or use our online form.

Book a Birth Registration Appointment

When you have completed your online birth registration booking appointment you will receive a confirmation email – please check your junk inbox.  If you do not receive a confirmation email your booking isn’t confirmed and will be deleted from the system after 20 minutes.