A directory (plus a Universal Credit supplement) for use by advisers to find support services for local residents needing help with benefits (including Universal Credit), debt, housing, employment and other issues.

This Directory (and the Universal Credit supplement) has been produced by the City of Wolverhampton Council to provide advisers with easily accessible details on the network of groups and organisations in Wolverhampton that provide information, advice and/or support particularly in the following areas:

  • welfare benefits (including Universal Credit)
  • debt
  • housing
  • employment 

It is recognised that some of the groups and organisations contained within the Directory (and Universal Credit supplement) will provide other services outside of those highlighted above. Where this is the case details of the other services provided are also included.

The Directory (and Universal Credit supplement) is intended for use by advisers, local groups and organisations who wish to find out what support services are available within Wolverhampton for individuals needing help in the above areas. 

Local groups and organisation can be found under either the alphabetical list (if you know their name) or Service Type Index (if you know the type of advice and information service needed). You can then 'click' on the name of the local group or organisation you require to be taken to the relevant entry.

The geographical location of local groups and organisations listed in the Directory (and Universal Credit supplement) can be found by 'clicking' on the 'view location here' message contained within the Directory (and Universal Credit supplement) next to the address of the relevant group/organisation. This will take you to a Google Map pinpointing the group's or organisation's whereabouts. Details of each group's or organisation's web page or email address will be contained here and you can access this by 'clicking' on the web/email address.