If you have received a decision letter about Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and think it is wrong, you can appeal.

Your appeal needs to be in writing and should say why you disagree with our decision. You can:

  • ask for the decision to be looked at again
  • ask for an explanation of the decision
  • ask for a Statement of Reasons (how the council came to its decision)
  • appeal to an independent tribunal through the Tribunals Service/Valuations Tribunal.

Send your appeal to:

Revenues and Benefits Service,
PO Box 250,
When we receive your appeal, we will look at your details again to check if we have got your decision right.

If we think there has been a mistake, we will put it right and let you know. But if we believe we are right with our decision we will tell you why.

You have one calendar month from the date of our response to request that we pass your case on to an independent tribunal run by the Tribunals Service.

What happens next?

When we do this we will send you a copy of what we send to them. This will also include a form for you to fill in and return to them. This lets them know whether you want a paper hearing where you do not attend or an oral hearing where you get the chance to put your arguments forward.

If you decide to attend the hearing you will be told of the day of your appeal, and both you and the council will get a chance to attend and have your say before the Appeals Tribunal decide what is correct.

If you are writing to us more then one month after our decision then you will need to state the reason for your delay. We can only accept this if there are special circumstances for the delay.

In the event of us not accepting your reasons for a late appeal, the Tribunals Service will have the final say.