Information for those wishing to conduct research with Council service users, staff or data

City of Wolverhampton Council is committed to supporting and promoting research within the Council. Any researcher, student, external organisation or City of Wolverhampton staff member wishing to conduct research with Council service users, staff or data, must first gain research governance approval to do so.

What is research governance?

The research governance process/procedure seeks to protect the rights and safety of services users, their carers' and the staff working with them; with the aim of minimising risks and harms, and protecting service users who are involved in research. It also assures the quality and standards of research undertaken.

"The UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research" (Health and Social Care; NHS Scotland; Health and Care Research Wales; and NHS Research Authority; 2017) sets out the principles of good practice in the management and conduct of health and social care research.

The research governance approval process is based on the fifteen principles outlined in the Framework: Safety; Competence; Scientific and Ethical Conduct; Patient, Service User and Public Involvement; Integrity, Quality and Transparency; Protocol; Legality; Benefits and Risks; Approval; Information about the Research; Accessible Findings; Choice; Insurance and Indemnity; Respect for Privacy; and Compliance. These principles protect and promote the interests of patients, services users and the public in health and social care research and describes the ethical conduct and proportionate, assurance-based management of health and social care research.

The application and approval process

A comprehensive proposal, including service information sheets and consent forms, covering all relevant elements, such as contact details, methods, timetable, consideration of data protection; and research ethics approval should be sufficient to make a judgement as to whether the research governance permission can be approved or not.

Research governance applications are considered by the Health Improvement Principal and the Advanced Health Improvement Specialist: Research and Development, Public Health Department, City of Wolverhampton Council. These staff will also consult with Council information governance and other staff as appropriate/required, and will also confirm that the research service area is happy to allow access to service users and/or staff.

How to apply for research governance approval

Researchers/investigators are requested to email copies of their:

  • Research proposal (including service user information sheets and consent forms)
  • Research ethics approval letter
  • Confirmation of insurance indemnity

Please send to

If you require further information please email