Data on the profile of Wolverhampton and other information

Wolverhampton is a city which celebrates its super-diversity with a population of almost 260,000 residents, who speak many languages and are drawn from around the world.  it has a growing population from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities as highlighted in 2011 Census. Many faiths are followed in the city and Wolverhampton has the second-highest proportion of Sikh residents in England.

  • 35.5% of the population are from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities
  • 20.5% of the City population have some form of disability
  • There are over 88 languages spoken in the City
  • 16% of the diverse population were born outside the UK (2011 Census)  
  • City of Wolverhampton has a younger population than the English average
  • 3,248 residents aged 16+ estimated to be Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual (LGB)
  • Employment rate for BAME and non-BAME residents in the city are on a par, unlike many local authorities nationwide

The council uses the WV Insight Website to collect data about protected groups in Wolverhampton. it provides this data, research and information about topics like health, education and population. there is a specific Equalities dashboard which gives this information and breaks it down in relevant ways.

If you want a PDF summary of some key Census 2011 information and analysis on Wolverhampton see the Download