Standing for election

If you are standing for election either as an independent candidate or for a party you should view the guidance from the Electoral Commission.

The Returning Officer for City of Wolverhampton local elections has produced some additional written guidance which can be found under Downloads. A candidates and agents briefing was held on Tuesday 2 March, and a copy of the presentation can be found under Downloads.
Another candidates and agents briefing will be held on Thursday 15 April 2021 over Microsoft Teams. All candidates and agents will be invited.

Nomination paper

Anyone wishing to stand for the local elections must submit a nomination paper by the legal deadline of 4pm on Thursday 8 April 2021. The nomination pack can be found under ‘downloads’ section. The nomination paper must be hand-delivered to:

The Returning Officer
City of Wolverhampton Council
Civic Centre
St Peters Square

You will need to ring to make an appointment – call 01902 555050 or email:

The legislation has just been amended due to Covid-19 and the nomination papers are being revised to reflect the change that only 2 subscribers are required i.e. a proposer and a seconder, instead of the usual ten.

Request for register and absent voters list

Candidates are entitled to a copy of the electoral register and absent voters lists for the ward they are standing in. Request forms for the nomination register and absent voters list can be found under Downloads.

Please send completed request forms to:

Withdraw of candidacy

If after your formal submission of your nomination you wish to withdraw your candidacy you must use the notice withdrawal form which can also be found under Downloads.

Attending key electoral events

If you wish to attend the opening of postal votes, polling stations, the verification and count, you must complete the relevant appointment forms available in the ‘Downloads’ section.