Wolverhampton's Councillors receive an allowance for the time they give to serve the community and to cover their expenses within the city.

Basic allowance

Basic Allowance is a flat rate allowance payable equally to all Councillors by instalments through the year.

It is designed to cover the following range of activities:

  • representative role including acting as an advocate for the interests of the ward
  • dealing with constituent's enquiries or representations
  • active participation in the shaping and management of services
  • attendance at meetings of local organisations
  • service as the representative of the city council or its committees on outside bodies for which no separate remuneration is made

City Council and Committee work including preparation for and attendance at:

  • meetings
  • interview panels
  • appeals
  • visits
  • seminars and conferences
  • participation on other bodies relating to the work of the City Council

Special responsibility allowance

Special responsibility allowance is paid to those Members of the Council who have significant additional responsibilities over and above the generally accepted duties of a Councillor.

Special responsibility allowance is paid to:

  • Leader 
  • Deputy Leader
  • Leader of the main opposition group
  • Deputy Leader of the main opposition group
  • Leader minority group
  • Member of the Executive
  • Chair and Vice-Chair - Scrutiny Board
  • Chair and Vice-Chair - Scrutiny Panels
  • Chair and Vice-Chair - Planning Committee
  • Chair and Vice-Chair - Licensing Committee
  • Chair and Vice-Chair - Audit Committee
  • Chair and Vice-Chair - Petitions Committee
  • Chair and Vice-Chair - Superannuation Committee
  • Chair - Human Resources Appeals Panel
  • Ceremonial Mayor
  • Ceremonial Deputy Mayor
  • Chair and Vice-Chair – Governance and Ethics Committee

No Member can receive more than one special responsibility allowance.

Travel allowances and expenses

Councillors and Co-opted Members can claim for reasonable travel expenses outside of the West Midlands county. These expenses can be claimed if they have been necessarily and exclusively incurred in undertaking a range of approved duties. Travel by public transport is positively encouraged.

Subsistence expenses

Councillors and Co-opted Members can claim for reasonable day or overnight expenses. Expenses can only be claimed if they have been necessarily and exclusively incurred in attending as an authorised representative of the Council at a meeting, conference or seminar that is held outside the Wolverhampton authority area. Receipts are required to support a claim.

No subsistence expenses can be claimed for any duty that is undertaken within the Wolverhampton authority area.

Co-optee allowance

The Council has determined not to pay an allowance to co-opted Members for attending meetings. Co-opted Members are however entitled to claim subsistence and travel allowances.