Relighting Our City is the City of Wolverhampton’s Recovery Commitment.

It has been developed in partnership with local people, including residents, young people, the voluntary and community sector, council partners, employees, councillors and businesses to determine the key priority areas of focussed recovery work.
The plan sets out five key priorities for the city, which are supporting people who need us most, creating more opportunities for young people, supporting our vital local businesses, generating more jobs and learning opportunities and stimulating vibrant high streets and communities.  People who live, work and visit the city also identified key cross-cutting themes to inform our collective response to Covid-19 – being driven by digital, conscious of climate change and ensuring fairness and inclusivity.
Relighting Our City is part of an ongoing conversation with local people, ensuring that collectively we are focussing on the key activity required to effectively respond to what we know is a changing and difficult environment.

For more information please view our Relighting Our City City of Wolverhampton Council Recovery Commitment (Updated March 2021).