The City of Wolverhampton Council and Active Black Country are launching a new FREE exercise programme for Wolverhampton residents.

WV Gets Active programme has now closed. Please see the full report on the download section.
If you are interested in increasing your physical activity please email

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Find Time for you.

It’s run through an App using your mobile phone or through a step counter if you have one.

It is a 6-week challenge to help you build up your fitness and to start to feel fit and healthy.

The programme:

  • Is tailored to your current exercise levels - we will help you to build up your exercise habits over 6 weeks, at a pace suitable for you.
  • Provides you with challenges and support to get you exercising and keep you moving. It’s hard to build or change your lifestyle. This programme will help you make those changes.
  • Is built on local knowledge - we’ve included local walks, activities and ideas to motivate you, your family and friends.
  • Is FREE to use - all you need to do is register and download an app when you start.
  • We’re closing registrations on the 18th of August
  • The programme will start on the 23rd of August.

We’ve provided FAQs and more information below. To contact us about anything else please email us at:

Who is it for?

Wolverhampton residents who want to start to exercise again and start to feel healthy. 

Many of us have struggled to find the time to exercise during the Covid-19 pandemic, or to find the time each day to walk with a friend or someone else. If this sounds like you - This programme is for you.

What do I need?

A smartphone and to be ready for a challenge.

What’s next

We’ll take down some information to understand a bit more about you and what you’re hoping to achieve. Then we’ll send you information on how to download the app and start the programme.

Get yourself moving again!

Trips, tricks and local knowledge

Looking for inspiration - view our list of ideas and prompts to get you going. From local activities, walks and events to ways to keep you on track.

Visit Trips, tricks and local knowledge


Does it cost anything to join?

No! This is a free programme for Wolverhampton residents.

Is it time-consuming?

It’s a 6 week programme which will help you to build up your exercise habits and then to keep them going.

We’re going to help you find the time to exercise at a level that suits you.

We want you to start small and build up your exercise to 30 mins a day. Finding time to exercise is hard, but we’ll give you the tips and tricks to start and make sure you’re in control. We can help you find this time each day and each week.

Can I invite my friends?

Yes! For Wolverhampton's residents, we have limited spots, so the faster you invite them, the better.

The programme and challenge will be designed for you and your level! It will track your progress and your exercise goals. But doing the challenge with a friend is a great way to stay motivated and keep going.

As part of the challenge we will match you with other people who have similar goals and ambitions. It may be that your friends or families are assigned to other groups or could be part of a group who start at a different time or level.

When does it start?

You’ll be able to download the app from the 16th of August onwards. We’ll send you a link and information on how to do this. The 6 week programme will start on the 23rd of August.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Yes! It’s for people who want to start to exercise again or build up their fitness. All of the exercises are based around walking and getting out and about.

Do I need special equipment or training?

You need a smart phone to be able to download the App to join the programme.

Is it suitable for all ages?

Only people over 18 are allowed to join the intervention - but we have materials and ideas for activities for all ages - some for elderly people, some for the younger generations!

Contact information and other questions

If you haven’t found the answer to your questions here you can contact us at:

Who has developed this intervention?

The City of Wolverhampton Council, Active Black Country, the Local Government Association and The Behaviouralist.