It is important to have a search carried out when buying a property as it is designed to protect prospective purchasers.

A property search informs the prospective purchaser of, for instance:

  • plans to build a new road in the vicinity
  • whether the highway fronting the property is public or privately maintained
  • to let them know about planning permissions/conditions
  • tree preservation orders, enforcement notices
  • housing grants etc, which may affect the property to be purchased.


  • Official Search Certificate LLC1 - £11.00
  • Official Search Certificate LLC1 (electronically) - £9.00
  • CON29 Enquiries - £60.00
  • CON29 Enquiries electronically - £54.00
  • Complete search - £71.00
  • Complete Search (electronically) - £63.00
  • Adjoining Parcels on LLC1 - £1.00 each
  • Adjoining Parcels on CON29 - £12.00 each
  • Adjoining Parcels Complete Search - £13.00 each
  • CON29O (Optional Enquiries) - £12.00 each
  • Additional Written Enquiries - £12.00 each
  • Personal Search - Free of charge
  • Copy Charge from Local Land Charges Register - £6.50​

​​​​​​Requests for environmental information not falling into the above categories: These will be handled under charging provisions enabled under Regulation 8 of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Information will be identified, retrieved and prepared for disclosure at a rate of £25 per hour for staff time taken. Please contact the Council's Information Governance team for further details at

Please note: *Wolverhampton Local Land Charges accepts and returns searches by e-mail, searches dealt with in this manner are offered at the reduced rates specified, provided payment is collected via BACS (bank details available on request).

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For assistance and further information about property searches, contact:

Local Land Charges
City of Wolverhampton Council
Civic Centre
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