Residents in parts of Wolverhampton are being given the chance to help shape major regeneration schemes in their area.

People who live in Heath Town, Springfield and New Park Village are set to be consulted on a Local Neighbourhood Plan which will provide a framework for all future housing and employment developments in the area up to 2026.

A community steering group, made up of people who live, volunteer, and have a stake in the area, have written the Plan following extensive discussion and consultation with local residents, stakeholders, and businesses.

Amongst other things, the Plan aims to instil a sense of pride with the preservation of the historical features in the area, to protecting and preserving the heritage and buildings which are valued by the local community.

The Plan also proposes that the area around Heath Town Park is designated as a Conservation Area with some options for including other adjacent areas in the proposed area.

There are 6 main themes in the Plan: Image and Identity, Housing and Environment, Employment and Skills, Assets and Buildings, Traffic and Transport and Healthy Living.

David Cope, Chair of Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Partnership said: "Our vision for Heathfield Park is for an attractive safe, green and pleasant neighbourhood providing its cosmopolitan community with high quality, affordable, well maintained housing and environment.

"A place where all will have a sense of belonging, and easy access to excellent education, leisure, transport networks, health service facilities and employment opportunities, giving the community a sustainable future.

"We believe that the Plan provides the opportunity to improve and develop the area which has sometimes received negative views and a stigma which is often misplaced in what is a vibrant multi-cultural community."

Heathfield Park draft Neighbourhood Plan is out for public consultation until Sunday 17 November, 2013.

Heathfield Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership will host a road show around the area which will be visiting schools, community venues and shopping areas during the 6 week consultation period to show and discuss the Plan with local people.

People can read the full copy of the draft Neighbourhood Plan, summary and supporting documents on the Type=links;Linkid=2919;Title=Heathfield Park LNP;Target=_blank; website and on the Type=articles;Articleid=2478;Title=Neighbourhood planning; page of this website.

A feedback sheet is also available on the LNP website or by contacting the North East Neighbourhood Office, which needs to be completed and returned by Monday 18 November, 2013.

Comments from Local Residents

"One of the areas of concern for local residents is that of employment. What we need is a strategy designed to support residents and local businesses in the development of appropriate skills that will enable them to grow." Bill Nicholls, Director of Re-Entry

"Our assets need protecting, preserving and improving in order to make this an area more attractive to businesses and people looking for affordable housing in a healthy, vibrant environment." Daniel Williams-Smith, local resident

"Heathfield Park enjoys excellent transport links to the city centre, Wednesfield, Cannock and beyond. A plan that we can be proud of will celebrate and enhance these links and ensure that some of the problem areas, bottlenecks and parking issues are solved." Dave Hawtin, local resident.

''We would like to encourage the community to use our open spaces and take advantage of the health and well being facilities available in the area.  Access to good quality health and well being facilities is an important feature of the Neighbourhood Plan." Gloria Blair-Riley, local resident and Chair of Heath Town Tenants and Residents Group

  • released: Thursday 10 October, 2013