Gifted young artists from Colton Hills School are showcasing their work at Wolverhampton Art Gallery as part of a scheme to champion the creative talents of pupils from the city.

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The Lichfield Street gallery invited the school's art department to select their students' best pieces for show in the first of the 2017 schools' exhibitions.

Dedicated space in the sculpture gallery and popular café has been made available for the Young Artists Series, which encourages schools to submit their work for show.

Talented artist Gabija Mieliauskaite, aged 18, said: "It is amazing to have one of my paintings on the walls here at the gallery. I am studying art at school and am a member of the gallery's Art Forum, which encourages young artists, so it is especially good to be part of this exhibition."

Councillor John Reynolds, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for City Economy, added; "The series was launched late last year and featured work from schools around the city, it's a great opportunity for young artists to see their work on the walls of their city's art gallery."

Photography, sculpture, drawings, paintings and textiles will all feature in the Young Artists Series, which sees the work from Colton Hills on show until Saturday 4 March, 2017.

  • released: Thursday 16 February, 2017