Wolverhampton Working Well Week, which aimed to help local residents onto the road to employment and support them to be fitter and healthier, drew to a close on Friday after more than 40 events were held across the city.

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The week, organised by Wolverhampton City Board, was designed to support local people to boost their chances of finding the right job or becoming self employed, get the right training and improve their health, was part of the city's drive to improve opportunities, prosperity and health for residents.

The programme included a Jobs Fair attended by over 2,500 job seekers and a 'Walk a Mile Challenge' attended by 100 people, both of which took place at the Molineux on Friday 27 March.

Ian Darch, Chair of Wolverhampton Inclusion Board and chief executive at Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council, expressed his thanks to local organisations and businesses which came together in an unprecedented effort to deliver over 40 events for residents as part of Wolverhampton's first Annual City Conference Season.

He said: "This has been a fantastic effort by dozens of organisations including public and voluntary sector businesses, to support residents into work and to encourage people to get healthier and fitter. The Jobs Fair alone attracted over 2,000 people, and with the support of 50 local businesses and organisations the city was able to showcase 500 career opportunities available to residents.

"The City Board has now decided to host more jobs fairs during its Annual Conference Season."

In addition, the week included events offering residents advice and support in making healthy lifestyle improvements and people benefited from on the spot health checks.

Wolves player Zeli Ismail joined 100 residents, including children from West Park Primary, to walk a mile around the Molineux ground in support of the Walk a Million Miles for Wolverhampton challenge. The challenge, which was launched earlier this year, urges people to improve their fitness by completing a mile or more, and adding their contribution to an online totaliser at Type=articles;Articleid=5683;Title=Tackling obesity in Wolverhampton; with the aim that Wolverhampton collectively clocks up 1,000,000 miles. The miles can be completed by walking, running, swimming or cycling.

The programme also gave organisations an opportunity to raise awareness of the support they offer to residents all year round. It also helped ensure people get the right support from the right organisation as swiftly as possible.

WIN, the Type=links;Linkid=5929;Title=Wolverhampton Information Network;Target=_blank; was launched during Working Well Week, and provides a signposting service for residents to organisations and businesses in Wolverhampton who offer help and guidance on a wide range of topics.

  • released: Monday 30 March, 2015