Children in Dubai have learnt how their counterparts in Wolverhampton marked Remembrance weekend.

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Pictures from last Friday's Type=articles;Articleid=13371;Title=school remembrance parade; in Wolverhampton were used as part of a lesson in the United Arab Emirates.

Regent International School in Dubai wanted to demonstrate to a class of 8 and 9 year olds how the UK marks remembrance.

It chose Wolverhampton because the school's head of year 4 - Rebecca Madeley - is from the city and her father, Andrew, works for City of Wolverhampton Council.

Andrew, who works in facilities management, was at the parade where more than 300 young people marched through Wolverhampton City Centre alongside veterans and serving forces.

Knowing Rebecca was teaching her students about the world wars, he put her in touch with the council's communications team who supplied her with a gallery of photographs from the parade.

Rebecca said: "I used the pictures on Sunday in a lesson with my class. They went down fantastically and the children genuinely loved it.

"I explained what Wolverhampton, my hometown, had done to commemorate the 100 years since the end of the First World War.

"We study the war later in the academic year, so it sparked a huge amount of interest. The children have now developed a huge interest in both world wars and equally in Wolverhampton. We looked on google maps as well so they could see the area.

"I spotted St Edmunds school in some of them, which was my old school, which my class got very excited about."

Councillor Linda Leach, chairwoman of Wolverhampton Remembers, said: "Our schools' parade was a wonderful event where different generations came together to remember those who died in war.

"I am delighted that the images from that event have gone around the world and have helped to teach young people living so far away how we in Wolverhampton honour our war dead.

"Remembrance in Wolverhampton was so special this year as we pulled out all the stops to mark the centenary of the end of World War One."

Photographs from the parade, and many other council events, can be viewed on the council's Type=links;Linkid=11240;Title=Flickr;Target=_blank; page.

  • released: Wednesday 14 November, 2018