Wolverhampton residents have the chance to be the first in the country to use a free new digital tool, Kuppa, which could help them save money and the planet.

Kuppa needs just a postcode and answers to a few simple questions to give residents a detailed and personalised path to cutting their energy bills by up to 30% immediately and up to 60% in the longer term. 

The easy to use tool will be available to all in Wolverhampton during a 6 month pilot before being launched across the country.

The City of Wolverhampton Council is also investing £100,000 to help residents pay for low cost, but high impact energy efficiency upgrades identified through Kuppa, like investing in thermal curtains and draught proofing. 

Everything is designed to not only save money, but help create more sustainable, comfortable homes to live in. There’s also advice tailored to individuals making it easier for them to access national and locals grants for which they could be eligible. 

This pilot is part of a push to make energy advice accessible to all residents, with two Energy Advisors being in post to do home visits and support those who do not have access to a device or need support to use the digital tool.  

Kuppa will also support the Wolverhampton Pound agenda and the development of a local retrofit industry by signposting users to local trades.

So why not be the first to sign up and benefit? Anyone who lives in the city can register their interest now by signing up here ready for when the tool goes live on 3 April. 

Fuel poverty has been reported across 22% of households (25,000) in Wolverhampton and with recent inflation hikes and the cost of living crisis, the proportion of people living in fuel poverty is likely to be significantly higher.

The council launched its Financial Wellbeing Strategy with partners last summer and one of the key focuses has been helping people with fuel poverty and ensuring they can future proof their homes, putting more power in their own hands to safeguard their future finances.
Leader of the City of Wolverhampton Council, Councillor Ian Brookfield said: ‘The cost of living crisis and huge hikes in the cost of energy have seen families all over the country having to choose between heating or eating.

‘We want to do anything we can to help our residents today and in the future be able to avoid such desperate situations. We want to give people more power to improve their homes today and help insulate them from future volatility in the energy markets.
‘But being pioneers in using Kuppa will not only give residents the chance to improve their homes for their families now when it is really needed, but also for years to come by making lasting energy saving improvements to housing in the city. 

‘And let’s not forget, this also helps the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and playing a part in protecting the planet for future generations.’

Any Wolverhampton resident, tenant or homeowner, can take part and the tool is web-based, so does not have to be downloaded.
Residents who wish to take part without access to digital devices or connectivity, will be referred to Wolves Online the city’s device and connectivity lending scheme where there’s a network of over 50 trusted partners to help residents get online and improve their digital skills.

Kirsty Kenney, Co-Founder of Kuppa said:

‘We are delighted to launch Kuppa in partnership with the City of Wolverhampton. We know residents are looking for easy to understand advice around what they can do to reduce their energy bills.

‘Every home is different, and every household uses energy in a different way. Kuppa helps cut through that so residents can identify the most cost-efficient actions they can take to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable.’

Key facts about Kuppa:

  • By combining your answers with public data and data from Wolverhampton City Council we can build up a picture of your home
  • Kuppa's Energy Model shows you where your heat is going, whether that's through your walls, doors or windows
  • Kuppa recommends the steps you can take towards an energy efficient home, showing you the cost and carbon benefits
  • Kuppa shows you how you can take small steps to cut your energy bills by 20-30% today and up to 60% in the long term
  • Kuppa shows you how to reduce your home's carbon footprint by up to 90%