People are being asked to share their thoughts about the services available from their local pharmacies.

Health chiefs in Wolverhampton are in the process of updating the city's Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment which will help improve pharmacy services in the future.

And they want to hear from customers about the type of services they already use, as well as services they would like to receive from their local pharmacy.

Wolverhampton City Council's Public Health Team has a statutory duty to develop a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for the city. Director of Public Health Ros Jervis said: "Community pharmacies or chemists offer a range of services beyond the safe dispensing of medicines, including health advice, smoking cessation, sexual health and drugs and alcohol services.

"Pharmacies have a significant opportunity to promote health and well-being and reduce health inequalities across the city, and we'd really appreciate it if customers could take a few moments to complete a short questionnaire about what services they receive and would like to see from their local pharmacy."

The brief survey, available at Type=links;Linkid=3953;Title=Views on chemists in Wolverhampton;Target=_blank;, asks people a number of questions, including what they currently use their local pharmacy for, when and where they visit them, which health advice services they used, whether the services on offer are well advertised and what additional services they may like to see.

People are asked to complete the online survey by 1 September, 2014.

  • released: Thursday 14 August, 2014