Council chiefs have condemned vandals who uprooted and snapped nearly 20 trees at Grapes Pool in Bilston.

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The semi mature trees, which were planted as part of the £280,000 restoration of the pool and stood around 5 metres tall, were vandalised last night (Monday 2 September, 2013).

Councillor Elias Mattu, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Leisure and Communities, said: "This is a mindless act of vandalism. It is beyond comprehension why anyone would feel the need to tear down one tree in this way - no matter nearly 20.

"We've spent a lot of money restoring Grapes Pool and I know that it is very popular with the people who use it. I am sure they will join me in condemning these actions.

"I'd urge anyone who has any information about what has happened to contact police immediately so that we can catch the culprits."

Major repairs were carried out at Grapes Pool in 2011 to prevent water leaking from the man made pool, on Moseley Road. The makeover, carried out by city council, also saw landscaping works which included the planting of around 40 trees. The remainder were left untouched by the vandals.

Councillor Mattu added: "We will now have to think hard about what remedial work is carried out. Because they were semi mature trees, they cost around £200 each, so we are looking at a bill of around £4,000 to put the vandalism right - and this is obviously money the council can ill-afford in the current economic climate."

Anyone who has any information about the vandalism is asked to contact West Midlands Police on 101.

  • released: Tuesday 3 September, 2013