There is still time for people in Wolverhampton to complete a short survey about the Covid-19 vaccine.

City of Wolverhampton Council launched the online survey to find out what people think about the Covid-19 vaccination in March, and there is still time to have your say.

The survey is open to everyone over the age of 18 living or working in the city, whether they have had the vaccine or not.

It aims to find out about people’s experience of having the vaccine, or whether they have any hesitation about having it when it’s their turn. Information from the survey is being used to make sure people are getting the right information before, during and after their jab, as well as highlighting any areas that could be improved.

John Denley, Director of Public Health at City of Wolverhampton Council, said: “More than 370 people have completed the short online survey so far, and the insight they have provided is helping us to make sure we are getting the right information to people. 

“One in five people who completed the survey haven’t had their vaccine yet, so it is really useful to hear from them about what their concerns are, and how we can help to overcome them. 

“The survey is still open, so if you haven’t completed it yet, you still can. If you’ve had a jab you can tell us how it went and if anything could have been done differently on the day. If you haven’t had your vaccination yet, you can still complete the survey and let us know whether you have any concerns.”

“This is all useful information and will help us to make sure that the vaccine, and information about it, is easily accessed by everyone in our city. It is the best form of protection from serious illness caused by Covid-19, so it is vital that everyone has their vaccination as soon as they can.”

The survey is open to anyone over the age of 18 living or working in Wolverhampton and can be completed online by going to COVID-19 Vaccination Survey.  

Latest vaccination figures show that more than 210,000 vaccinations have been given across Wolverhampton, with 136,232 people having their first dose, and 74,507 having full protection from both doses. Anyone who has been invited but has not yet had their first vaccination can book an appointment online at NHS or by calling 119.

For more information about the vaccine, including the answers to frequently asked questions, please visit Covid-19 Vaccine. People will need to register with a GP surgery in England in order to receive the vaccine. 

For more details, please visit NHS.  

The latest information and guidance around coronavirus is available at GOV.UK and on the council’s own coronavirus pages at Coronavirus advice and information. Further details of the restrictions currently in place, and the answers to frequently asked questions, are available at Covid Alert