Wolverhampton residents have picked up jobs with the city council's Public Realm Services thanks to a fast track training programme for the unemployed.

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The unique course was co-ordinated by City of Wolverhampton Council's Economic Inclusion Service in partnership with Wolverhampton Adult Education Services, Public Realm Services, YOO Recruitment, Low Hill and Park Village Employment and Enterprise Group, and Department for Work and Pensions.

It saw 13 unemployed residents cover areas such as horticulture, health and safety and risk assessments, confidence building and interview skills, and practical work experience with public realm services, over 3 weeks.

All the participants were registered with YOO Recruit as part of the programme and already 3 of the participants have been placed into vacancies with the council, while a further 3 are awaiting feedback from interviews.

Orrett Knight, aged 49, and Carl Bannister, aged 33, have secured caretaker roles, while Craig Wilkes, aged 21, has become a market attendant.

Orett said: "The support I have received has been great, it is the best thing I have ever done. It really enhanced my skills and now I am working for City of Wolverhampton Council. I am so overjoyed."

Carl added: "The public realm training programme has helped me so much, I have gained skills, training, confidence, and work experience which has led to employment at the council. I am really pleased and would recommend this type of support to others."

Head of Public Realm Services, Steve Woodward, said: "We have been happy to participate in the programme.

"The confidence these taster sessions have given to local, unemployed participants will benefit not only us as an organisation, but each one of them as they gained confidence that has encouraged them to register with YOO Recruit and to seek employment.

"Each of the team has received a pair of free safety boots, which will also help them in preparation for when they are successful in getting paid work.

"Anything that will help to prepare local people to gain local jobs is great for Wolverhampton."

If you have any queries about future programmes please call Karen Sahota on 07881 358679 or Manjit Cheema on 07717 733051.

  • released: Tuesday 3 May, 2016