A senior City of Wolverhampton councillor has urged people to take advantage of free parking in a bustling district centre.

Visitors to Wednesfield town centre can park for up to 3 hours free in council run car parks.

The council operates 4 car parks in Wednesfield centre and the offer applies to all of them.

Customers still need to get a ticket or begin a session on the Ring Go mobile app to confirm their arrival time, but they will not have to pay as long as they return within 3 hours.

Councillor Steve Evans, City of Wolverhampton Council’s cabinet member for city environment and climate change, said: “Wednesfield is a bustling district centre with a wide variety of shops and a great market and it is free for people to park for three hours.

“Our car parks are right next to the town centre, so they make life nice and easy for shoppers who want to come and support local traders.

“I really want people to come and take advantage of this great offer and come and see what Wednesfield has to offer.

“We’ve made it free for 3 hours to park in Wednesfield, so it means shoppers have a nice long period to have a look around the shops and the market and grab a bite to eat, but it also means that people who might be parking there all day and taking up all the spaces so that shoppers can’t use them are no longer doing so.

“If people wish to stay longer than 3 hours, it is very reasonable to extend your stay costing just £1 for up to 5 hours.

“In consultation with local people, we recently renamed 3 car parks off Woodhouse Fold in honour of local people and events to reflect the pride that I know residents have in Wednesfield.”

3 hours free parking applies to the 3 council car parks off Woodhouse Fold (Steph Clarke, Battle of Wodensfield and William ‘Harry’ Busby) as well as Alfred Squire Road.

More information about the council’s car parks is available on the council website.