Despite unusually high temperatures for this time of year, business owners in Wednesfield High Street have signed up to volunteer for the City of Wolverhampton's snow clearing scheme.

This time last year, saw the arrival of the 'Beast from the East' - one of the longest periods of extreme cold weather and heavy snowfall in the UK.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, a total number of 35 volunteers, from Wednesfield businesses, have signed up to 'Snow Wolves' - the council's snow clearing scheme, to assist council officers in clearing snow and ice from pavements when the winter weather hits.

Volunteers include employees of Wednesfield businesses from Cabin Café, Heron Foods, Boots Pharmacy, Extra Care, Meat and More, Compton Care, Greggs, Alan Warwick butchers, Elle Louise, YMCA charity shop, H barbers, Co-op funeral service, CM Biddle opticians, Card Factory, Village per shop, Smoke Busters, Libs Caribbean village, Clip Joint, Bowater Drennan estate agents, The Boat Public House, King Fryer, Cult of the Spanx tattoo parlour, Savers and Your Move.

Snow Wolves has around 300 dedicated volunteers who lend their community a helping hand during the winter period.

Now in its fourth year, the council is looking to drum-up more volunteers to join the pack, with the aim to hit the 1,000-mark by the end of the year.

Councillor Greg Brackenridge, ward councillor for Wednesfield South said: "As part of the Snow Wolves campaign, the council and Wednesfield high street businesses are working closely together to ensure shops are open for business no matter what the weather.

"Additionally, snow shovels and salt shakers have been delivered to the shops and grit bins have arrived in the high street so Wednesfield is prepared if the weather takes a turn for the worst."

Jesse Croot, Secretary of the Traders Association and owner of the Village Pet Shop based in Wednesfield high street said: "Snow Wolves is a great initiative - anything that is good for the high street I welcome.

"When the snow hit last year, many of us were concerned about customers slipping on our premises.

"Now we are part of the Snow Wolves, we know we have the resources we need to clear the snow and prevent any accidents.

"Its important shop owners make an effort to clear the paths when the snow falls, to take the pressure off the council to enable them to focus on other priorities.  

"I'm proud we have a great line-up of businesses who have joined the campaign to keep our businesses running and our shoppers safe."

Applications for the Snow Wolves scheme is open throughout the year. Anyone interested in joining the Snow Wolves can find out more at Snow Wolves snow clearing scheme.