City of Wolverhampton Council will today (Friday 24 February) begin a taxi marshal trial to improve access at the city's new railway station turnaround area.

The marshal will operate from 4pm to midnight, 7 days a week.

They will be responsible for directing members of the public to Hackney Carriages and private hire services, and talking to the drivers to help improve traffic flow.

The marshal will also be monitoring illegal touting for business and reporting any incidents of it to council compliance officers.

After a 3 week trial the impact of the marshal's role will be reviewed.

Councillor John Reynolds, Cabinet Member for City Economy, said: "We are aware there have been issues with congestion at the railway station, which is making life difficult for users.

"A regular taxi marshal will provide a familiar face for members of the public and the taxi drivers to work with, which in turn should lead to a smoother operation for everyone.

"We will also be holding weekly review meetings with the marshal to reflect on progress.

"We hope people will quickly see an improvement within the turnaround area so they can feel the benefits of the new access arrangements at the station."

Parminder Sekhon, Chair of Wolverhampton Taxi Owners Association, added: "We welcome the trial of a taxi marshal in this location as this will assist passengers into their correct taxi and deter touting."

  • released: Friday 24¬†February, 2017