City of Wolverhampton Council is continuing to work with city partners to support businesses as the Government guidance on Covid measures changes again from Monday (19 July)

The Council's Covid Business Support, environmental health and licensing teams will continue to visit premises and are available for advice on health and safety risk assessments and outbreak management.

Covid Support Advisors and BID’s City Ambassadors are also out and about across the city to assist businesses and visitors.

Businesses in the city are being urged to encourage the wearing of face coverings and maintain hand sanitisation to help provide reassurance to the public.

The Council is also advising businesses to continue the Covid safe practices they currently have in place beyond 19 July to make them more resilient against infection and the risk of closure.

Wolverhampton businesses could be eligible for up to £1,000 support from the Council’s Covid Compliant Scheme Grant. The grant provides support for businesses, community organisations, sports and social clubs, independent traders and sole traders who invest in Covid safe practices. 

To apply, premises must have passed a Covid Compliant visit from the Council’s Covid Compliant team and members of the Environmental Health service. Businesses will receive a Covid Safe Sticker to demonstrate to customers and clients, they are managing the risk of COVID 19.

For further information, and to apply, please visit COVID Compliant Scheme Grant | City Of Wolverhampton Council.

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment and Climate Change, said: “A lot of hard work by the Council and its partners is continuing to make sure Wolverhampton is as safe as possible for businesses, shops and visitors.

“Although most legal restrictions are being lifted by the Government from Monday, infection rates in Wolverhampton are continuing to rise, and we are urging businesses to remain cautious and strongly advising them to continue with current Covid safety measures to make their business as robust as possible.

“Support remains on hand for city businesses and, along with city partners, we will continue to work closely with them to help them through this transition.”

Wolverhampton Business Improvement District Director, Cherry Shine, said: “City centre businesses have worked incredibly hard to introduce and maintain covid safe measures. The Council’s support and grant scheme really helps to fund their continuation. We encourage businesses to keep measures in place to build customer confidence and to reduce the risk of infection for the benefit of their customers and staff.”

Bilston Business Improvement District (BID) Manager, Simon Archer, added: "Although restrictions have officially been relaxed, I would hope that many businesses adopt a common-sense policy and keep measures in place to protect their staff and their customers.  It’s great that the city council are rewarding those who are doing all they can to keep the infection rates as low as possible.”

If you have any queries regarding the requirements or would like some support to help you open your business as safely as possible, please do not hesitate to contact the Commercial Regulation Service on 01902 551155 or email

Businesses should check Coronavirus - Support for businesses for all the latest guidance and support available to them. This web page also includes access to a range of posters produced by the Council for businesses to download and print to inform customers.