Four primary school pupils made the front page after winning a World War One newspaper competition run by the Express and Star.

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Autumn Stokes, Hollies Hewitt, Kirsty Matiza and Ebony Eve of Loxdale Primary School took the opportunity to visit the Express and Star offices and were awarded a certificate in recognition of their efforts from Deputy Editor Diane Davies.

As part of a project organised by the Council's Education Business Partnership, 56 Year 3 and 4 pupils produced front page newspaper stories based on tales from World War One.

Express and Star journalists visited the school to talk about journalism and life during The Great War (1914 to 1918). They were shown front covers and stories produced by the paper from that period.

Head teacher Patricia Scott commented: "The pupils were delighted to have the chance to see the newsroom in action and they clearly enjoyed the whole experience from the classroom to the Express and Star offices."

The Education Business Partnership and Loxdale Primary School have worked together previously on a number of projects such as working with Wave Learning to organise trips to the Art Gallery, the City Archives and custom-made World War One workshops.

The Education Business Partnership works to establish links between schools and local businesses.  It aims to help students understand and experience the world of work and helps to develop their employability skills in order to prepare them for adult life.

  • released: Thursday 22 January, 2015