A council worker became a life saver when she came to a rescue of a service user who had become unwell.

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City of Wolverhampton Council Housing Outreach Officer Andrea Smart became concerned when she rang one of her regular clients to arrange a home visit.

She thought something didn't seem "quite right" while speaking to the 60 year old woman on the phone. The service user said she was okay, but Andrea wasn't convinced and asked if she could call round to see her.

When she arrived at her home, the woman took longer than usual to answer the door and, once inside, Andrea's concerns were raised further when she noticed the woman was slurring her speech, seemed confused and was very pale.

Immediately calling 999, Andrea talked through the symptoms and an ambulance was sent. Paramedics carried out tests on the woman, diagnosing her as being hypoglycaemic. She had also suffered a mini stroke.

She was promptly taken to hospital and paramedics congratulated Andrea on her prompt action, saying adding that without her intervention her client could have died.

The council's Housing Outreach Officers have attended similar situations on several occasions in recent years, and several people are still alive today thanks to their actions.

Andrea said: "You don't expect to have to do those things when going to work, but it feels great to be able to make such a difference."

Councillor Peter Bilson, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for City Assets, said: "It's no exaggeration to say that several people literally owe their lives to the team and the prompt action that Housing Outreach Officers have taken.

"It's a fantastic tribute to the team that they can make such critical contributions when called upon, and this demonstrates the potentially lifesaving role that many council workers play on a daily basis."

The Housing Outreach team provides advice, guidance and support to tenants and residents across Wolverhampton on any issues which could affect their tenancy, from benefits, rent issues and debt to repairs.

  • released: Thursday 10 March, 2016