Wolverhampton has seen a 50% drop in fly tipping following the success of the new ‘Shop a tipper’ campaign.

City of Wolverhampton Council clears over 2,000 reports at fly tipping hotspots last year, costing tax payers around £300,000 to clean up.

In January, City of Wolverhampton Council launched the ‘Shop a tipper’ campaign to clamp down of fly tippers and encourage residents to report offenders to make them pay for their selfish criminal behaviour.

The campaign received intelligence from members of the public informing the council about who is responsible for blighting the city streets with fly tipped waste.  

Due to the campaign’s success, fly tipping across the city has halved compared to last year’s statistics.

This time last year,1,045 fly tipping incidents were reported to the city council compared to 519 this year.

Colin Parr, Head of Business Services at City of Wolverhampton Council said: “As a council, we make it our priority to keep our city clean and tidy. But with limited resources we need to target these based on intelligence and evidence. 

“We recognise fly tipping is a concern to our communities and in January, we launched our ‘Shop a tipper’ campaign which has seen a significant reduction in fly tipping across the city – reducing fly tipped waste by 50%.  

“As well as continuing to issue fixed penalty notices, this year we have used our powers to crush and seize fly tippers vehicles to send a message to all those involved in illegal acts of fly tipping that we will be making life even more difficult to those who continue to blight our streets with illegally dumped waste.

“We will continue to clamp down on fly tippers and I strongly encourage the public to keep coming forward by reporting those responsible and help us put a stop to fly tipping once and for all.” 

The city council has also been working with community groups and educating residents on how to dispose waste correctly and encouraging residents to keep their street neat and take pride in their area.

For more information about the campaign visit Shop a tipper.