City of Wolverhampton Council has released details of how people can apply for road closures to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday later this year with a street party.

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City of Wolverhampton was the first council in the country to announce it was waiving the costly licence fee people would normally have to pay for a road closure to mark the royal birthday.

Other councils have since followed Wolverhampton's lead and made it free for people to celebrate Her Majesty's 90th with a traditional outdoor knees up.

There will be a weekend of national celebration to mark the Queen's official birthday on 11 and 12 June. It is during this weekend that people are being encouraged to organise their own street parties to coincide with the huge 'Patrons Lunch' taking place on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace.

City of Wolverhampton Council has made it easy for people to apply for a road closure by creating a page on its website at Type=articles;Articleid=8617;Title=Queen's 90th Birthday street party road closures;.

On the website people can download a form to apply for a road closure. Official permission needs to be given by the local authority to close a public highway.

Councillor Ian Brookfield, Mayor of Wolverhampton, said: "We were the first council in the country to waive the normal fee if someone wants to apply for a road closure. This will save anyone wanting to organise a street party for the Queen's birthday up to £700.

"The Queen is a much loved and respected figure around the world and we know that many people will wish to celebrate this milestone birthday.

"The traditional way to celebrate a big royal occasion is with a street party. We found some lovely old images of street parties from days gone by from our archives.

"There is a huge official street party called the Patron's Lunch taking place on The Mall in London on 12 June.

"I would join with Buckingham Palace in saying that we hope to see as many local events over that weekend as possible. Many people will no doubt take the opportunity to raise money for local charities and good causes.

"Parties can be big or small and may or may not require a road closure. It will be wonderful to see a bit of good old fashioned community spirit as people come together to celebrate Her Majesty turning 90."

  • released: Wednesday 16 March, 2016