Wolverhampton City Council is launching an innovative campaign to reduce the contamination of recycled waste collected from the kerbside - with some humorous encouragement from cartoon character Stan Can.

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From April 2012 to March 2013, just less than 12% of waste collected from black bins was contaminated with materials that could not be processed for recycling.

Now, through an information campaign spear headed by Stan Can, householders will be asked to take a little extra care with the recycled waste they put in their black bins - and cut the economic and environmental cost of incineration.

Cabinet Member for City Services, Councillor John Reynolds said: "Wolverhampton residents are enthusiastic recyclers with 95% using the service and the council's really grateful for their continued co-operation.

"But in order to cut down on the relatively small proportion of recycled waste that cannot be processed because it is 'contaminated', we're launching a campaign to ensure residents are well informed about what waste they can recycle in their black bin.

"We think humour is far more effective than preaching - which is why the service has created Stan Can. He'll appear on posters, information leaflets and social media sites to underline important messages about what waste should go where. We think he'll be particularly appealing to children - and educating future generations on the importance of recycling is essential."

An analysis of contaminated waste showed that some residents were mistakenly placing in their black bin items such as electrical items, nappies, textiles and food waste - all of which can slow down the manufacturing process at the recycling plant in Leicester.

Councillor Reynolds said: "Stan Can will be reminding residents that nappies should go in the brown bin, food waste in the food caddy, and electrical items and textiles taken to the household waste recycling centres. By taking a little extra care in placing the right waste in the right places, we'll be able to process a far higher proportion of our household waste and turn it into useful products."

*Stan Can makes his first public appearance at the City Show in West Park on Saturday 13 July and Sunday 14 July, 2013.

  • released: Thursday 11 July, 2013