City of Wolverhampton Council has ensured a range of measures are available to help families over the summer holidays and it’s still not too late to ask for support.

As part of a wider package of support to help people in the city get through the Cost of Living Crisis, the council is spending a projected £1.3 million on the Holiday Activity and Food this year.

Any families who might still need help for the remainder of the holidays should come forward and ask, as there are a number of ways the council can support those in need.

In the first instance, families should sign up under Yo! Wolves for the council’s huge range of activities for families, children and young people over the summer holidays. Free places are available for eligible children.

For those that are not eligible, there are a range of other initiatives to help families over the summer holidays from kids eating free to community shops.

Here’s the details:

  • Kids Eat Free – every day between 12 and 2pm at Bantock Park, West Park, Aldersley Leisure Centre and the Art Gallery  
  • Community shops –  5 shops open across the city, details of where and opening hours at Cost of living support 
  • Food Banks – these have been funded by the council to provide additional assistance for families needing support, details are again on our website on the Cost of Living support page (link above)
  • Residents can also apply direct for the Household Support Fund (again details on the Cost of Living webpage), this funding can be used for the following, but priority is given to supporting food and fuel:

    Gas and electricity
    Essential household items (white goods, small appliances)
    Other essentials (warm clothing and bedding)

City of Wolverhampton Council Leader, Councillor Ian Brookfield said: “We’re determined to support the people of Wolverhampton through the Cost of Living Crisis and we know how difficult the summer holidays can be for many families at the best of times and particularly this year.

‘We’ve put together a great summer of events, so children can have fun, keep active and eat for free at many venues. We hope this has helped lessen some of the worries for parents this summer, but I’d urge people to get in touch if they’re still struggling, it’s not too late to get some support.”

The council is also encouraging people to go through the Stay Safe Be Kind helpline available through its customer services, if they need assistance with food, which will provide details of the most local support organisations, referral to a food bank or assistance with completing online applications. 

Councillor Brookfield launched a Financial Wellbeing Strategy at the end of July, which aims to ensure the council not only supports  citizens through this current situation, but that it does not damage their opportunities for generations to come.

For more information on the launch please visit How Wolverhampton is tackling the Cost of Living Challenge.