Pupils from Moreton Community School put on a special Dance for Dementia to herald the start of Dementia Awareness Week in Wolverhampton yesterday (Monday 16 May, 2016).

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Members of the public and council staff were treated to a 15 minute performance in the Civic Centre, held to highlight Dementia Awareness Week activities in the city.

Dance teacher Hayley Evans said: "We were delighted to be given the opportunity for our talented students to show off their dance skills. We had performances from pupils of all ages, including students from Year 7 who are members of an after school club, to GCSE performing arts students and post 16."

Julien Kramer, Director of Education, said: "This was a hugely entertaining performance which once more underlined just how fabulously talented our young people are."

To find out more about what is happening in Wolverhampton during Dementia Awareness Week, please visit Type=articles;Articleid=6893;Title=Dementia;.

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  • released: Tuesday 17 May, 2016