Pupils found out about the importance of Fairtrade when they shared a delicious breakfast with the Mayor of Wolverhampton.

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Type=image;ImageID=9213;ImageClass=left;ImageTitle=Pupils tucked into a delicious Fairtrade breakfast;TitleClass=strong;

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Youngsters at Graiseley Primary School tucked into tasty Fairtrade produce at the event held yesterday (Thursday 10 March, 2016) in support of Wolverhampton Fairtrade Partnership.

They enjoyed fresh fruit, toast and juice as well as banana spreads from the Wolverhampton based Jamco, coffee from Revolver Coffee and tea from the Co-operative.

Mayor Councillor Ian Brookfield said: "Fairtrade offers a very practical way for us to help millions of farmers and producers build a better life for themselves and their families.

"It was great to see young people embracing the Fairtrade movement, and enjoying a delicious and nutritious breakfast at the same time."

Wolverhampton Fairtrade Partnership works with a number of schools across the city, encouraging children and their families to choose Fairtrade products.

The City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Education Councillor Claire Darke said: "I'd like to congratulate our schools and all those involved in the Fairtrade movement in Wolverhampton on their efforts to educate young people about Fairtrade and why we should all choose Fairtrade products wherever possible."

The event was organised by Graiseley Primary School Deputy Headteacher Susan Effa to support the Fairtrade cause. Headteacher Sharifan Nasa said: "Our children are very aware of the importance of supporting people who are less fortunate than themselves, and so we are delighted to support Fairtrade at Graiseley Primary School."

Wolverhampton has been a Fairtrade city for more than a decade. For more information, please visit Type=articles;Articleid=3253;Title=Fairtrade;.

Fairtrade Fortnight continues until Sunday (13 March, 2016).

  • released: Friday 11 March, 2016