Highways improvements are being proposed at The Rock junction to help reduce traffic congestion and improve safety.

Consultation with residents is taking place until January 5 on the measures, which could be trialled as part of an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in the new year.
It follows investigations into the cause of traffic jams and accidents at the busy junction on the Tettenhall Road (A41).
Considerable efforts have been made to understand and assess the impacts of the proposals, along with investigating alternative options.
The preferred measures being consulted on include removing right turn movements from Henwood Road and Lower Street.
It comes after analysis showed most collisions at the junction involved right turning traffic from Lower Street or Henwood Road onto the A41.
The proposals aim to reduce the potential for accidents and to significantly improve the capacity of the junction resulting in less delays at peak periods.
Traffic will still be able to turn right into Henwood Road and Lower Street from Tettenhall Road.
As part of the work one-way systems would be introduced along Stockwell Road, Lothians Road, Malthouse Lane and Upper Green to help control traffic flow and additional parking would be created along Upper Green.
It is being proposed to move the bus stop on Tettenhall Road 90 metres away from the junction, while a 20mph speed limit would be introduced along Keepers Lane from the A41 junction to the Wolverhampton and Staffordshire border 300m to the north.
If it is decided to go ahead with the proposals they would be implemented through an experimental TRO. The period for objections would continue for the first six months following the implementation of the TRO, after which the scheme can remain in place for a further 12 months (18 months in total), before it is determined whether to make the whole, or part, of the TRO permanent.
For full details of the highways changes please view Tettenhall Road / Henwood Road junction proposed improvements and associated works.